Barbara D'Achille


Bárbara D'Achille was amazed by the wealth of the Tumbes forest of, the Amotape Hills National Park and The Angolo.

To her memory, the Reserve of Pampa Galeras, changed its name to Pampa Gallera - Barbara D'Achille in 1993 and a green Amazon parrot adopted, in her honor, the scientific name "Nannopsittaca Dachilleae".

Bárbara D'Achille, focused her research on social and economic problems of the Huancavelica region, considered the poorest area of the country, despite having given tremendous economic resources to the national treasury through the exploitation of quicksilver and be the first hydropower potential of the country, through the Mantaro Hydroelectric Complex, suffered from the indifference of the state, a fact that at the time this researcher warned.

The commitment and feeling that Barbara joined the people of Huancavelica, was to find the solution to the age-old social problem of poverty and procrastination that punished the area. Barbara D'Achille, the morning of May 31 in 1989, met the Director of Special Projects from the Huancavelica's Development Corporation, and then left for a tour around the town communities. That was her last mission in defense of natural resources, but her legacy of environmental stewardship and finding a better quality of life for depressed areas remained in the memory and continue to spread in the coming years.