Barbara D'Achille


Barbara D'Achille devoted much of her life to defending the care of nature in our country. However, her plans were thwarted when the terrorist group "Sendero Luminoso" murdered her in Huarmicocha, Huancavelica - Perú.

Barbara Bistevins Treinani D'Achille was an Italian citizen, born  in Dobele (Latvia), based in Perú. Since her arrival in our country, in 1961, Barbara travelled a lot through the Peruvian jungle. She lived in Pucallpa, Iquitos and Manaus, where she saw up close the destruction and deterioration that lashed the jungle, which caused her great concern and indignation. These emotions gave her a new reason for living: the struggle for the conservation of our natural resources and biodiversity.

That's how she began to publish her articles at the newspaper "El Comercio", then, in 1985 she took over the Ecology page of the journal. She wrote articles about her trips to national parks and other protected areas as Yanachaga-Chemillén, Abiseo River, Pacaya-Samiria, Cutervo, Manu, Machu Picchu, among others. Barbara was fascinated with the majesty of the Peruvian jungle and the creatures that inhabit it. She lived in love with the lost places of the Tambopata and Candamo and its flora and fauna.